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Drawing machine with stabilizing unit


The line is suitable for the production of heat treated prestressed concrete wires with plain or profiled surface and low relaxation. Starting with wire rod, the finish product i.e. either coils or bars, is manufactured “in-line”. The finish product conforms to all standards set by German and International standard authorities.

Mode of operation

  • By means of the very large capstans of 1.200 mm dia. On the drawing machine, the wire will be cooled down in a very short distance of time to abt. 50 to 60° C after leaving of the drawing die; thus providing the required high quality standard of the finish products
  • Traversing induction furnace for increase of quality and productivity
  • Use of 2 individually driven, V-grooved capstans of 4.000 mm dia. on the stretching unit, thus providing a very straight wire or bar with deflection of
    < 1 mm/m
  • Automated operation for the production of coils by use of double take-up collectors with wire cutter installed in front and automatic switch-over after cutting
  • Automated operation for the production of bars by use of a looping floor and intermediate accumulator at the bundling station of the bar cutter
  • Rectangular and burr-free cutting of bars by using cutter bushes
  • Safety devices for the total unit according to UVV/VBG7E and characterizing to CE-standard

Mechanical design features

  • Rod wire pay-off with capacity of 3 coils with incorporated flyer and coil pushing device
  • Straight-line drawing machine for max. 5 drafts, capstan dia. 1.200 mm
  • Combined drawing, profiling and straightening unit
  • Traversing induction furnace with following water quenching section
  • V-grooved capstans of 4.000 mm dia. on the stretching unit
  • Caterpillar take-off with individual drive of both flat belts
  • Wire cutter with rotating cutting knife
  • Double coil take-up collectors with automatic switch-over device
  • Looping floor with internal width of 4.000 mm
  • Bar cutter with cutter bushed and attached bundling station with incorporated intermediate accumulator

Electrical design features

  • AC three-phase induction motors, water- cooled, i.e. low-noise level, environment-friendly
  • Frequency converters SIEMENS with control system “VECTOR control”
  • Profi-Bus connection
  • Stored-program computer control SIMATIC S7
  • Operator panel OP for drawing machine and stretching unit
  • Computer control for induction furnace
  • Central control desk for the entire line

Technical data

  1. Wire rod pay-off with flyer
    Rod wire dia.: 11,0 – 16,0 mm
    Loading capacity per reel: 2.500 kg
    Works continuously
  2. Straight-line drawing machine for max. 5 drafts
    Capstan dia.: 1.200 mm
    Installed motor power: 90 KW
    Finish wire dia.: 5,70 – 11,50 mm
    Line Speed: max 14 m/min
  3. Pulling carriage with hydraulic drawing in device
    Cross-sectional change: max. 25%
    Stroke rate: 15/min
    Drawing in length: 50 mm/Stroke
  4. Forming head
    Roll adjustment by electric motors with electronic counter
  5. Induction furnace
    Induction achievement: 300 KW
    Furnace temperature: max 440 °C
    Wire size: 5,0 – 10,0 mm
    Production achievement: 2.800 kg/h
  6. Water quench
    Wire temperature: < 60°C
  7. V-grooved capstans
    Capstans dia.: 4.000 mm
    Two v-grooves
  8. Caterpillar take-off
    Both flat belts coats
    Individual drive of both flat belts
    Driving speed: max 280 m/min
  9. Rotating cutting knife
    Automatic release of the cutting process
  10. Double coil take-up collectors with automatic switch-over device
    Capacity: 1.000 – 2.000 kg
    Coil diameter: 1.500 – 2.800 mm
    Works continuously
  11. Looping floor
    Internal width : 4.200 mm
  12. Bar cutter with bundling station
    Bar diameter: 5,0 – 10,0 mm
    Bar length: 1.500 – 7.000 mm
    Number of cuts: max 38/min
    Flow velocity: max 100 m/min
    Bundle weight: max 1.500 kg