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Vertical Spooling Machines


Vertical Spooling machines are suitable for operation in combination with any kind of drawing machines, working either with or without slip. In special, modified design they can also be used as re-spooling units.

With installation of a spezial traversing device and by using a collapsible spool with adjustable traversing width, the horizontal spooling machines will be suitable to produce “turn by turn” and “Layer on Layer” spooled wire coils as they are used for cold-heading and free-cutting steel wires.

Mechanical design features

  • Spooler housing made of strong welded structural steelwork
  • Clamping of spool between pintles by electric gear-motor and threaded spindle
  • Lifting and lowering device for the spool by individual hydraulic system
  • Traversing device with adjustable traversing width and infinitely adjustable traversing speed by tooth belt and frequency-controlled AC gear-motor
  • Disc brake, mounted on spindle of driven pintle
  • Safety devices according to German (UVV-Draht) and CE-Standard

Electrical design features

  • Main drive by water-cooled AC motor = low noise level and environment emission; option: air cooled by individual fan
  • SIEMENS frequency converter
  • Control either as speed regulation in connection with a dancer roll system or as tension control
  • with a dancer roll system

Technical data

SizeFlange dia of spool [mm]max. speed [met/sec]Wire dia. [mm]installed motor power [kW]
1.2501.250202,0 - 4,045
1.0001.000251,80 - 12,037
800800250,50 - 6,022
630630250,40 - 3,0011
400400250,15 - 1,504