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Vertical Static – Coiler

for high coiling speeds


For coiling of steel and non – ferrous wires. Provided for installation behind multiple, slipless dry – drawing machines and multiple wet drawing machines with slip as well, especially in smaller diameter range and for brass wires.

Mode of operation

The machine is designed as static coiler whereat the deadlock of the coiling capstan is brought about by a teeth-belt O-gear (planetary gear system) without support.

Mechanical design features

  • Machine frame of strong welded steel structure
  • Coiling rotor with integrated wire straightening devices and dynamically balanced
  • Static suspended coiling capstan without support mounted at vertical shaft
  • Magazine (wire accumulation device) for continuous operation during change of carrier (stem) or barrel
  • Turnstile for 2 carriers (stems) or barrels
  • Safety devices designed and executed according to latest German and European (CE) standards
  • Rosette-laying system to achieve higher coil weights as option

Electrical design features

  •  Infinitely variable AC motor by frequency converter
  • Control either as speed regulation in connection with a dancer roll system or as tension control
  • Stored – program computer control
  • SIMATIC S7 with operator panel

Technical data

Sizecoiling capstan dia. [mm]wire dia. range [mm]coiling speed [m/s] max.filling weight [kg] max.
WW 4004000,6-1,8020,0500
WW 6006001,30-3,024,01000