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Bending coiler BW

for compact coils and adjustable coil diameter


Bending coilers are used for torsion – free coiling of wires with dia. > 4,0 mm like cold-heading wires, non-ferrous wires and also high tensile steel wires for prestressed concrete which have to be galvanized. Bending coilers are provided for operation with single block and heavy straight-line drawing machines as well.

Mechanical design features

  • Machine frame of strong welded steel structure
  • Driven bending rolls
  • Driven feeding rolls, 1-3 pairs according to wire dia.
  • Adjustment of bending rolls manually or by electric motor for spiral – type laying of wire turns
  • Adjustment of feeding rolls manually or pneumatically
  • Bending rolls of ground steel
  • Feeding rolls made of steel or “Vulkolan” – coated for wires with sensitive surface
  • Take-up reel with individual drive and executed as single – or double – type
  • Double take-up on turnstile or on carriage
  • Drive of feeding and bending rolls via high – efficiency teeth-belts
  • Safety devices designed and executed according to latest German and European (CE) standards

Electrical design features

  • Infinitely variable AC motors by frequency converters
  • Converters of SIEMENS brand
  • Operator panel OP

Technical data

SizeWire dia. range [mm]Coiling speed [m/s] max.Coil weight [kg] max.