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Single – Block Machines with capstan

on horizontal axle


Single block drawing machines with capstan on horizontal axle, also known as horizontal bull blocks, are used to draw round and profile wires of steel and non-ferrous metals. Especially stress-free drawn cold heading wires up to the thickest avialable diameters may be produced in coils with weigh of max. 2500 kg either by collection
on a rotating carrier reel installed in front of the capstan or as coils spooled “turn by turn” an “layer by layer” in case of combination of drawing block with a spooling machine and use of collapsible spools.

Mechanical design features

  • Capstan driven by high-efficiency helical toothed spur gear, designed either as reduction or as switch gear for torque conversion, and vee-belt drive as connection to drive motor
  • Central oil lubrication system with flow control and oil pump mounted outside of gear housing
  • Capstan executed with:
    • water cooling system with rotary coupling for water inlet and outlet in case of high drawing speeds respectively drawing of high carbon steel wire
    • disconnectable capstan head for opening of pull-in dog and pulling out of wire without danger
    • inclined pushing ring for drawing of any kind of profile wire or in case of skin passes
    • rotating, swivel-mounted carrier reel for coil weight of max. 2500 kg, installed in front of capstan and in sound absorbing design
  • single disc brake as safety brake for quick stop
  • safety equipment according to German (UVV-Draht) and CE-Standard

Electrical design features

  • AC main drive motors,
    water – cooled = lownoise level and environment emission;
    option:air cooling by individual fan
  • SIEMENS frequency converter, either water- cooled or air conditioner for entire switch cabinet
  • stored – programm control SIMATIC S7
  • Operator panel OP

Technical data

SizeDrawing -Force [kN]Capstan Dia. Ø [mm]max. Inlet Dia. Ø (750 N/mm²) max. [mm]Drawing speed max. [m/s]Installed power [kW]