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Coiler and draw coiler

with capstan on horizontal shaft


Coilers of type WH and WHZ were designed for coiling and also drawing + coiling of steel and non-ferrous wires and are preferably suitable for operation together with slipless dry drawing machines, i.e. single blocks and multiple drawing machines as well.

Mode of operation

The machines are designed as static coilers whereat the wire turns are fed from the rotating coiling rotor to the stationary coiling capstan. Deadlock of coiling capstan is achieved by support of the goose neck, which is fixed to the coiling capstan, on the wire carrier (collecting stem).

Mechanical design features

  • Machine frame of strong welded steel structure
  • Coiling rotor with integrated wire straightening devices and – in case of draw coiler – die holder
  • Coiling rotor dynamically balanced
  • Coiling capstan with attached goose neck for support on carrier
  • In case of draw coiler water cooled coiling capstan and die holder. Inlet and outlet of cooling water through the coiling shaft via rotary connections
  • Lifting device for goose neck to accumulate wire during change of carrier
  • Pattern – lay system and lowering device to achieve constant falling height of wire turns as option for wires ? 2,5 mm dia
  • Change of carriers via carriage
  • Safety devices designed and executed according to latest German and European (CE) standards.

Electrical design features

  • Main drive by water – cooled AC motor = low noise level and environment emission; as option also air cooled by separate fan.
  • Motor infinitely variable by frequency converter
  • Control either as speed regulation in connection with a sensor roll system or as tension control
  • Stored – program control SIMATIC S7 with operator panel OP

Technical Data

Sizecoiling capstan Ø [mm]wire dia. range [mm]coiling speed [m/s] max.Filling weight [kg] max.
WH,WHZ5005000,90 - 2,0020,0600
WH,WHZ6006001,50 - 4,5022,01.000