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Vertical Single-Block Drawing Machines


These machines are used for drawing round and profiled wires of steel or non-ferrous metals. Accumulation of in skin-pass drawn cold-heading quality wires with coil weight up to max. 1500 kg (depending on capstan – and wire dia.) is possible if capstan is equipped with special push-up ring fitted in inclined position. Moreover these machines may be combined with one of our spooling machines for production of normally layed spools or – if collapsible spools are used – with “turn by turn” laying.

Mechanical design features

  • Capstan driven by high-efficiency helical toothed spur gear, designed either as reduction or as switch gear for torque conversion
  • Central oil lubrication system with flow control and oil pump mounted outside of gear housing
  • Water-cooled capstan executed with:
    • changeable drawing rim for production of wires for concrete reinforcement
    • slots for a riding stripper with incorporated pull-in dog
    • inclined pushing ring for drawing of any kind of profile wire or in case of skin passes
  • Single disc brake as safety brake for quick stop
  • Safety equipment according to German (UVV-Draht) and CE-Standard

Electrical design features

  • AC main drive motor, water-cooled = low noise level and environment emission; option: air cooling by individual fan
  • SIEMENS frequency converter, either water-cool
  • water-cooled or air conditioner for entire switch cabinet
  • Stored – programm control SIMATIC S7
  • Operator panel OP