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Take-up frames

with suspended, rotating capstans


  • designed for coiling resp. drawing and coiling of all kind of steel wires
  • suitable for installation behind continuous furnaces with wire coating plants
  • wire take-up either on carriers or in barrels
  • continuous operation without stop of coiling process during change of carrier or barrel, if necessary by use of an intermediate collector

Mechanical design features

  • Housing made of strong welded structural steelwork
  • Structural segments for 3 capstans each
  • Coiling capstans designed as V-grooved or cylindrical capstans, the latter with one or two press rolls
  • Combination of V-grooved and cylindrical capstans for extension of application range (option)
  • Combination of different sizes of V-grooved capstans to enable use of carriers or barrels of different sizes (option)
  • Eccentrically arranged turntable with separate drive for take-up of carrier, thus achieving coils with rosette laying (option)
  • Combination of single or all V-grooved or cylindrical capstans with drawing die holder and lubricant box for drawing with soap or liquid lubricant (option)
  • Use of standardized drive units to achieve a progressive technical standard and an advantageous ratio of price and performance.

Electrical design features

  • Infinitely variable AC drive by frequency control
  • Use of “Micromaster” units made by SIEMENS for speed control of capstan and turntable
  • Stored-program computer control SIMATIC S7 with
  • separate operator panel OP at each capstan for individual adjustment of drawing resp. coiling speed etc.

Technical Data

type / sizev-/zylindr. coiling capstan dia. [mm]wire dia. range [mm]coiling speed [m/min] max.installed motor power capstan/turntable KWfilling weight [kg] max.
WV,WVZ5005001,50 - 4,0025,01,1 / 0,37500
WV,WVZ600500/6001,50 - 7,5020,02,2 / 0,371.000